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Health Tips

Is Water Aerobics Right For You?

Getting started in a water aerobics class could be the right thing for you any ...

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Breathing Techniques For Healthier Exercise

Are you using proper breathing techniques while exercising? It may be something you’ve never even ...

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Summertime Exercise: How To Stay Healthy And Fit In Hot Weather

Once summer comes around you may find it difficult to continue your normal exercise routine. ...

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What Is A Balance Ball And What Do I Do With It?

If you’ve seen balance balls lying around your gym and have never used one, you ...

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Case Studies

Bloated? Symptoms of IBS? A proven protocol on special offer.

I have seen some 5000 clients at The Food Doctor clinic and one of the ...

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Mulberry Bush School

We do tend to think of food as something that makes us fat or thin, ...

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