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Dont fall for the January detox!


Did you do it? Did you? Are you about to hit 2009 having eaten and drunk more than you intended to over the festive season? If you did, and statistics suggest that an awful lot of us did, then are you planning a detox? The problem with the whole detox movement is that most people treat it like an insurance ...

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Antioxidants cannot slow ageing.

Diets and creams claiming their antioxidant properties could cheat ageing may be worthless, a study says. Using Nematode worms, scientists found even those given enhanced antioxidant powers to deal with tissue damaging free radicals did not live longer. The team from University College London said, in the Genes and Development journal, there was no clear evidence they could slow ageing. ...

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Something else to blame our parents for? A high fat diet in pregnancy could result in weight problems for the child throughout life.

Improving one’s diet has many benefits, and there are several occasions in life that serve as reminders. Examples are illness, weight gain, getting married and of course fertility and pregnancy related issues. I was looking through the news websites this morning ( as I do most mornings ) and I came across a report from Rockefeller University that links a ...

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Purple tomato may boost health.

Would you eat a purple tomato? Well, why wouldn’t you? It’s a pleasing colour and would look very nice in a salad. Now, if you knew that the purple tomato was genetically modified, would you still want to eat it? Perhaps I am being naïve, but again I say, why wouldn’t you? After all, varieties of fruits and vegetables have ...

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Confused of London. Do you know what to eat?

Yesterday in the Daily Telegraph we read about a 72 year old man who has been on the equivalent of the Atkins diet for over some time, and his health seems robust and his various blood counts of lipids and cholesterol are low. This may seem surprising given that a typical breakfast is a large egg., liver fried in lard ...

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How to benefit from beneficial bacteria.


Scientists from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, found that those who ate two servings a day of yogurt were significantly less likely to go on to have the disease than those who ate yogurt only occasionally or not at all. The research followed 80,000 patients over nine years and findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It ...

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Jamie Oliver and the Ministry of Food

Let me start this of by saying that I am a fan of Jamie Oliver. I have eaten his food numerous times and met him on a couple of occasions and liked him a lot. He kindly made me ( personally ) a garlic free version of one of his signature dishes at Fifteen in London. That was a nice ...

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Fat Boys Slim success with The Food Doctor Plan

Fat Boys Slim has been a spectacular success. Neal, Tom, Tommy, Paul and Stephen have lost a staggering amount of weight, over 9 stone between them in just ten weeks. The Food Doctor plan is not just about weight loss, it promotes the best of health through nutrition and I am delighted that all of the group have reported increased ...

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The danger of detox diets

This is a very distressing story, and in the most tragic way, highlights many failings of the advice given by some sectors of the nutrition world.Drinking four to six pints of water a day without any salt in the diet, forcing the cells to swell as the kidneys were unable to cope with the level of water being drunk leading ...

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