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5 a day for less than £1?


Did you know that you could get your 5 a day for less than £1?  According to  Nathalie Winn of the World Cancer Research Fund “shoppers should buy in season and also use cheaper tinned and frozen produce”. Ms Winn suggests that 80 pence a day would do it and here is how it pans out over a day; Banana ...

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Nutrition and sex. Not tonight, I have a headache.


Getting your nutrition right can have countless benefits, some of them rather unexpected, and I hear from several clients that their sex lives have been improved. This could be due to increased self-esteem or better energy but I think that nutrition can play a more direct role as well. If you want better sex, then you might want to consider ...

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Supplement guilt a modern phenomena

I did an interview for one of the glossy magazines last week and the interviewer asked which supplements I took every day. When I told her what it is that I take her response was ‘Is that all?’. It seems that she has been tasked with interviewing the ‘great and the good of the nutrition world’ ( her words, not ...

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