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4-Year-Old In Kolkata Hospital Alleges Sex Abuse By Teacher

KOLKATA:A four-year-old girl in Kolkata is in hospital after she was allegedly sexually molested at a prominent school yesterday. The accused – a physical education teacher – was detained this morning and is being questioned.

Angry parents demonstrated at the school today, alleging lax security and asking why an all-girls school had a male physical education teacher

There were no working security cameras at the school, parents alleged, despite the fact that three years ago, the driver of a bus hired by this school sexually assaulted a student during a sports meet.

According to the police complaint, the girl said the physical education teacher abused her in the school toilet.

When her mother collected her from school around 4pm, she noticed blood stains on her clothes; the child was crying and complained of pain.

The parents took her to the girl’s regular pediatrician who said she had been sexually assaulted and said the matter must be immediately reported to police.

The parents rushed with the child to a police station and were then escorted by the police to a hospital.

Source: ndtv

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