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5 a day for less than £1?

Did you know that you could get your 5 a day for less than £1?  According to  Nathalie Winn of the World Cancer Research Fund “shoppers should buy in season and also use cheaper tinned and frozen produce”.

fooddoctorMs Winn suggests that 80 pence a day would do it and here is how it pans out over a day;

Banana (with porridge) for breakfast 14p

Apple (for mid morning snack) 22p

Baked beans (on a jacket potato) 29p

Frozen peas as part of evening meal 8p

Frozen sweetcorn along with the peas, fish and new potatoes 7p

Do you think this is an easy task? I decided to put it to the test this last weekend and whilst I don’t buy frozen vegetables for no other reason than I really prefer fresh, I managed to bring my 5 a day in at £2.08.

It seems that the price of food in central London may be higher than the national average, and fresh does cost more than frozen but all in all I think that even £2 a day for the potential health benefits that fruit and vegetables offer, it’s a good deal.

Whilst I do buy the more expensive softer fruits from time to time ( such as blueberries –  Marks and Spencer are charging over £4 for 250g, is this a record I wonder? ) I am lucky in that I enjoy apples and could eat them all day and thankfully apples are far cheaper.fooddoctor2

If anyone would care to tot up how much they spend a day on food, and how much their 5 a day is costing, then let me know the results.

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