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Acomplia withdrawn from EU

Acomplia In June of this year Acomplia was approved for use in England and Wales. Some 5 months later it has been effectively withdrawn although the 20,000 people currently taking it are advised to consult their doctor rather than stop taking it immediately.The side effects were deemed too worrying ( mental disorders ) and as the at-risk patient group or group has yet to be identified, the European Medicines Agency ( EMA) advise that it should be withdrawn. Of course it may be approved again in the future once the groups who should definitely not be taking it can be identified.

Aside from the implications of taking a pill to help weight loss ( that’s a whole different debate and I am sure the arguments for and against would be equally compelling ) the question that seems to hang in the air is this; how come Acomplia was approved just a few months before it was withdrawn?This is of course a simplistic way to look at the issue, but one can more easily understand a medication being withdrawn after some years during which time unexpected side-effects occurred.

But in just a few months, surely these possibilities could have been accounted for before it was approved for use in England and Wales?There have long been concerns about depression and suicide and the taking of Acomplia – in fact there were 5 suicides over the past 4 months in those taking the medication compared to 1 in the group taking the dummy pill.I have a couple of clients, who decided to take it alongside a sensible diet and exercise routine, but neither felt that it had made much difference. Hard to tell really.What I want to know is have you or anyone you know ever taken Acomplia, was it successful, did you or they experience any side effects and also, if you are still taking it, will you continue?

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