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Alli, weight loss and an controversial piece in The Spectator

The new weight loss aid, Alli, is available over the counter to people with a BMI of 28 or more. Your pharmacist will be able to supply a pill that, taken before main meals, prevents fat from being absorbed and thus cuts the calorie intake. Fat contains some 9 calories per gram and is the most calorie dense of all the food groups.  I am sure that some people will benefit from the drug but once again, this simply addresses the problem with no advice about how to not get fat in the first place.

Take the pill and keep eating, is that the message? To get Alli you need to have a BMI of 28 or more, that’s all you need to qualify and having such a high BMI which does suggest that you don’t manage your diet very well. Surely that’s the key, education and understanding, not a pill?weight

I have a friend who takes it, not to lose weight, instead to allow him to eat cheese and anything else fatty, and not gain weight. The drug changes the nature of the stool as it inevitably becomes much fattier – ‘you daren’t misjudge a fart’ reports my friend, which made me laugh out loud, something I fear he may not be able to do without clenching first.

There is a piece on fat in this weeks Spectator in which Dan Jones makes the non-PC and brave assertion that being fat is the fault of the individual and not the media. I must stress that I dont support this point of view!Take a look. http://www.spectator.co.uk/the-magazine/features/3556821/there-is-no-sacred-right-to-be-a-lazy-fat-slob.thtml

If anyone has tried Alli, let me know. I am sure it has helped many people, but is the answer?

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