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Nutrition and sex. Not tonight, I have a headache.


Getting your nutrition right can have countless benefits, some of them rather unexpected, and I hear from several clients that their sex lives have been improved. This could be due to increased self-esteem or better energy but I think that nutrition can play a more direct role as well. If you want better sex, then you might want to consider ...

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Supplement guilt a modern phenomena

I did an interview for one of the glossy magazines last week and the interviewer asked which supplements I took every day. When I told her what it is that I take her response was ‘Is that all?’. It seems that she has been tasked with interviewing the ‘great and the good of the nutrition world’ ( her words, not ...

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Dont fall for the January detox!


Did you do it? Did you? Are you about to hit 2009 having eaten and drunk more than you intended to over the festive season? If you did, and statistics suggest that an awful lot of us did, then are you planning a detox? The problem with the whole detox movement is that most people treat it like an insurance ...

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Antioxidants cannot slow ageing.

Diets and creams claiming their antioxidant properties could cheat ageing may be worthless, a study says. Using Nematode worms, scientists found even those given enhanced antioxidant powers to deal with tissue damaging free radicals did not live longer. The team from University College London said, in the Genes and Development journal, there was no clear evidence they could slow ageing. ...

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Something else to blame our parents for? A high fat diet in pregnancy could result in weight problems for the child throughout life.

Improving one’s diet has many benefits, and there are several occasions in life that serve as reminders. Examples are illness, weight gain, getting married and of course fertility and pregnancy related issues. I was looking through the news websites this morning ( as I do most mornings ) and I came across a report from Rockefeller University that links a ...

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Purple tomato may boost health.

Would you eat a purple tomato? Well, why wouldn’t you? It’s a pleasing colour and would look very nice in a salad. Now, if you knew that the purple tomato was genetically modified, would you still want to eat it? Perhaps I am being naïve, but again I say, why wouldn’t you? After all, varieties of fruits and vegetables have ...

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