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Bloated? Symptoms of IBS? A proven protocol on special offer.

I have seen some 5000 clients at The Food Doctor clinic and one of the things I have come to deal with the most is poor digestion, bloating, abdominal discomfort and gas which does seem to affect increasing numbers of people.
In an effort to work with more people, we have come up with a new plan that is based on all my years of experience, but cuts out the need for an initial consultation, which saves a considerable amount of money and time.
SymptomsSo, welcome to out new Digestive Package, which we believe will offer hope to those of you who live with unexplained digestive problems ranging from bloating to gas and all points in between.
Take a look at these questions, and if you answer yes to 4 or more, then The Food Doctor Digestive Package could be for you.

Clients repeatedly report significant improvements in the following symptoms once they follow our simple plan that often offers results in just two weeks.• Bloating
• Constipation
• Diarrhoea
• Abdominal discomfort
• Gas and flatulence
• Depression
• Headache
• Poor memory
• Excess weight
• Thrush
• Easy bruising
• Intolerance to wheat
• Sugar cravings
• Poor tolerance to alcohol
We find that a significant number of digestive problems, including many potential cases of ‘IBS’ are linked to low levels of ‘friendly’ and/or high levels of ‘unfriendly’ bacteria in the digestive tract.
By following a simple two week plan aimed at rebalancing these bacteria in your favour; you could get rid of your symptoms for good.
Using our tried and tested protocols, we have helped thousands of people improve their digestion, stop uncomfortable bloating and increase their energy levels.
Symptoms2By adhering to a tailor-made Food Plan based upon biochemical test results and information you provide in a detailed questionnaire; you could significantly reduce or even eliminate bloating and discomfort often within just 2 weeks.We are delighted to offer an exclusive Digestive Package comprising two consultations with one of our experienced therapists and a Comprehensive Stool Analysis.

Our new exclusive Digestive Package comprises two consultations with one of our qualified and experienced therapists as well as Comprehensive Scientific Stool Analysis.

Step 2 – complete a questionnaire and bring it with you to The Food Doctor Clinic. Your consultant will talk you through the test results and give you your individual Food Plan.

Step 3 – following completion of the Food Plan you will re-meet with your consultant at The Food Doctor who will guide you through re-introducing specific foods that you may have been cutting out. This results in you knowing what to eat and how that will help to maintain digestive health and optimise energy levels in the long term.

The Food Doctor Digestive Package usually costs £360 but we are now offering it for only £295 this gives you a valuable saving of £65.
For this you will receive:
• Two consultations with your Nutrition Consultant.
• A Comprehensive Stool Analysis
• Detailed Report and personal guidance
• Email and telephone support for the duration of the Food Plan


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