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Confused of London. Do you know what to eat?

LondonYesterday in the Daily Telegraph we read about a 72 year old man who has been on the equivalent of the Atkins diet for over some time, and his health seems robust and his various blood counts of lipids and cholesterol are low. This may seem surprising given that a typical breakfast is a large egg., liver fried in lard and hot chocolate made with cream. Barry Groves, 72, has followed this diet for more than 40 years. Groves holds a doctorate in nutritional science and has just published a book, Trick and Treat: How Healthy Eating Is Making Us Ill.

But then today we read about a study published in Circulation, a medical journal that a typical Western diet raises heart risk. Having looked at the diets in three different populations and areas of the Western world, the report suggests that we avoid fried and salty food and eat more vegetables. In other words, the opposite from that which Barry Groves espouses. Of course there are many ways to eat but these two methods are very much at odds with one another.

Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between? Eating fat is recommended, at least I think so, as fats give what the food industry call ‘mouth feel’ which adds to the experience of having eaten, leading to feeling satisfied. The question is how much and which fats? Do we cook in fat?Reading the two features mentioned here, one could easily become confused. I welcome your comments, as always, but my own view is as follows.We need to eat fat, lean protein, vegetables and fruits and complex carbohydrates ( wholegrains for example ). We don’t ‘need’ sugar, alcohol, simple carbohydrates or rarely do we need to go looking for fat in food, it usually finds us.

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