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Fat Boys Slim success with The Food Doctor Plan

Fat Boys Slim has been a spectacular success. Neal, Tom, Tommy, Paul and Stephen have lost a staggering amount of weight, over 9 stone between them in just ten weeks. The Food Doctor plan is not just about weight loss, it promotes the best of health through nutrition and I am delighted that all of the group have reported increased energy, better sleep and overall improved health. I have really enjoyed working with the guys and am very pleased that they joined me on the last Richard and Judy on Channel 4.

The Food Doctor offers two ways to share in this phenomenal success and change the way you eat for good!

1.Firstly I have devised the Personal Nutrition Plan. The plan gives you the tools to lose weight, improve your health and general well being, all with the added convenience of accessing the service online at any time.You obtain your personal Food Doctor plan by filling in a specially devised detailed questionnaire about yourself.

Based on many cumulative years of experience in our Clinical Practice successfully helping people lose weight, improve energy and generally feel better The Food Doctor Personal Nutrition Plan is an effective great value online service that gives you tailored advice that is based on your personal profile.

weight22.The other option is to visit our London Clinic where you can consult with myself or one of our Nutrition Therapists. At the clinic, my team of nutritional therapists and I offer one-to-one nutrition consultations with people looking to address specific health concerns with a nutritional approach. It may be that you suffer from a specific condition such as bloating, IBS, PMS or eczema, or just want to be made more aware about how to eat well for maximum health and vitality.

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