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Indian Got Parents To US, Said He Needed Help With ‘Disobedient’ Wife


An Indian woman in the US was rescued after the authorities received a call from India that she was beaten and held against her will by her husband and his parents.

Silky Gaind was rescued by the Florida authorities after the 33-year-old woman called her parents in India on Saturday to inform them of the alleged beating. The parents of the woman then called the authorities in the US, officials said.

When a deputy arrived, no one responded to the repeated knock. Ms Gaind attempted to open the door and screamed for him to help her and her 1-year-old daughter. The deputy forced his way in and found that she was severely bruised.

Investigators said the parents of her 33-year-old husband Devbir Kalsi had travelled from India to the US and took part in the beatings after their son told them he needed help with a “disobedient” wife.

The husband allegedly beat Ms Gaind “repeatedly and forcefully” after the couple had a fight on Friday, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Kalsi’s parents, allegedly started hitting her after she attempted to defend herself.

The baby was accidentally struck in the face while Ms Gaind was holding her during the attack, the report said. The parents hit her and left her with bruises on her face, neck and torso before her father-in-law threatened to stab her with a kitchen knife, the arrest report said.

After the fight, the woman was locked in a room and her cell phone was taken from her.

The husband and his father may face “charges of false imprisonment, child abuse and denying access to 911”. The father could also face felony battery charge. He was accused of “aggravated battery with a deadly weapon”, the report said.

The husband’s mother could face “charges of battery domestic violence and failure to report child abuse”, it said. They were booked into Hillsborough County Jail and were being held without bond, it said.

The three could face deportation back to India. Ms Gaind and her baby were put in a safe place, the sheriff’s office said.

Source: ndtv

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