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Misleading advertising – Maltesers et al.

Maltesers and Jaffa Cakes are not that low in fat it seems, despite the advertising for the former on TV. I have seen the ad and I am sure it says that its ‘less than’ 11 calories per Malteser.

downloadThe Advertising Standards Authority, the ASA, have ruled that the ‘less than’ part was misleading as it implied that the sweets were ‘low energy’.Jaffa cakes television adverts said that they contained only one gram of fat but claims like this can only be made if the solid food contains 3g of fat ( or less ) per 100g. Jaffa cakes contain 8g of fat per 100g

Unusually. Innocent’s water brand, This Water, was rapped too as the ASA said that their branding implied that the product contained only fruit and water, but in fact there was sugar present too. And how – some 32g per standard bottle. The poster advertising will be changed accordingly I expect. I say ‘unusually’ as the Innocent brand is spotless and very much admired.

Interesting isn’t it? The foods that we know aren’t especially healthy ( such as chocolate sweets and biscuits ) are making attempts to claim that they are healthier than we might expect. Its fair that they do so but only if they indeed are, but on this occasion, the ASA felt otherwise.I am glad that the ASA has teeth. Now, all they have to do is deal with POM, the pomegranate juice, who are claiming that by drinking their product, we could ‘cheat death’. Are they serious?

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