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My List of Top 5 Open Source Wiki Engines that You May not have Heard about

Wiki is a website that users can modify. The main benefit of wiki is as follows:

1.It is free and open source

2.Wiki is a collaboration tool so that users can contribute in it

3.The software is very simple to use and convenient to maintain

4.Wiki provides user friendly doc formatting tools

5.I tried quite a few wiki engines as a substitute of intranet software at our company. Here is a list of top 5 wiki software from my point of view.

Source2DokuWiki is a simple open source wiki engine. It is lightweight and easy to install. You can customize your web site with DokuWiki. The software is written in PHP. The features includes Ajax based interface, uploading and embedding of images, categorized content, toolbars and access key.

MoinMoinWiki is an advanced, extensible wiki engine. It produces structured information and store information in a flat file. One of the important features of the MoinMoin wiki is the categories system. This is a way for page creators to group pages by subject. The desktop version does not need any web server.

Mediawiki is an open source wiki engine that was originally used for wikipedia. MediaWiki is written in PHP language and supports MySQL and PostgreSQL RDBMS. The software uses wikitext format so that users modify with ease without knowledge of XHTML or CSS. Mediawiki supports caching and manage image or multimedia file.

DekiWiki is a free, easy to use web application for aggregating, organizing, and sharing content. This is a platform for creating collaborating applications. The important features include WYSIWYG text editing, integration with LDAP, Hierarchical page format, indexing, searching and attachment.

OpenWiki is an open source wiki engine. OpenWiki runs in IIS using ASP. OpenWiki contains rich text and hyperlinked notes. The wiki interface uses XML stylesheet. The main features are

1.Simple and contain rich text and hyperlinked notes

2.You can edit content in a collaborative manner

3.XML and XSLT used to separate logic from presentation

4.Keeps track of the pages you visited

5.Inter Wiki support

6.Imports, exports and aggregates RSS feeds.

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