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Oracle Announced Distributed Warehouse Management

Oracle Oracle rolled out the latest release of Oracle Warehouse Management a few days back. Now, you can deploy Oracle Warehouse Management as a Distributed option. You can take the advantage of deploying this software without upgrading to latest version of Oracle E-Business Suite. The software also allows 247 warehouse operations during ERP upgrades or maintenance cycles.

Oracle Warehouse Management Solution pre-integrates all of the extended supply chain management processes like transportation management, procurement, manufacturing, order management, spare parts and repair operations, asset management, and maintenance.

The core benefits are:

1.Multiple order capture systems with one independent engine.

2.Many warehouse execution systems operating against a single global ERP system.

3.You can better plan and manage distribution center workflow with Oracle Warehouse management.

4.You can use this software for Instant visibility to inventories so that you can better manage your orders.

5.Provides you better visibility into order process time and labor availability.

6.You can make better planning because you can have aggregate view of all stocks and orders during the Supply Chain Management process.

7.You can Increase inventory accuracy and labor productivity with the use of Oracle Warehouse Management.
It can also reduce you cost for handling business changes.

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