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Progress with The Food Doctor, Personal Nutrition Plan

Isn’t it lovely to see the sun for a change, and over a holiday weekend too? I spent the day outside of course, and it was a treat to see the parks full and people smiling. Inevitably, there was the long queue for ice-cream by the van in Kensington Gardens but I was good and got a bottle of water instead.

NutritionNow that it looks like the warmer weather is here to stay, we will, or at least should, be drinking plenty of fluids. It’s a popular theory that only water counts towards hydration, and that any drink with caffeine acts as a diuretic, so coffee and tea don’t count. This is a myth, as the kidneys don’t encounter liquid from your latte or builders tea and decide not to process the water in them.

The water in all liquids, be they soup, tea, juices or smoothies is filtered out and used in just the same way as regular water. Whilst I do favour regular water as your first port of call to keep hydrated, don’t overlook teas and juices ( although juices can be a little on the high GI side as they have the fibre removed so have them diluted with water to make that less of an issue ).

For those people who don’t like plain water, here are some simple ideas to make things more interesting. Try cutting up some cucumber into long batons and putting them in a jug of water overnight, the water will be delicious but do remove the cucumber as it goes mushy, or at least make fresh for each batch. I don’t think that refilling plastic bottles is good, they can encourage some unwanted bacteria so get a glass one and use that instead.Nutrition2

Cold teas are lovely, often nicer than the hot versions. Make some mint tea with a couple more teabags that usual, let it cool then refrigerate, the stronger taste is lovely when cold.
You might want to try my Carrot and Apple fizz as it’s a bit different but do have a piece of fruit alongside to get some fibre as this will slow down the release of energy.
200 ml (7fl oz) chilled carrot juice
200 ml (7fl oz) unsweetened apple juice
400 ml (3/4 pint) sparkling water
Slices fresh lemon, lime and orange
A sprig lemon balm
Mix the chilled carrot juice and apple juice together and dilute with the sparkling water. Add the slices of lemon, lime and orange and the sprig of lemon balm and serve.

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