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Review of Rational Plan, Project Management Software

PlanRational Plan is a very powerful Project Management tool. It helps Project Managers to do plans, allocating resources, tracking progress, managing budgets and analysing workload. The software can be used for any kind of industries like construction, engineering, services & consulting, software development etc.

This project planner, scheduler, estimator, manager and motivator helps you streamline your project in an efficient manner. The user license for 1-4 users cost $57 for single project and $98 for multiple projects. You can download the online trial software from here. The software runs on any major operating system.

Key Benefits of the tool are:

1.Provides capability to break down your project. You can create schedules, allocate resources, and manage your project budgets.

2.The tool walks you through different steps of Project Management process so that you can proceed with your project easily.

3.Rational also keeps track of project completion, time taken and cost of the project in different steps.
You can export to MS Project and Excel

4.It also defines and assign project resources.

5.You can view project critical task and also mark progress of the task based upon completion.

6.Creates dependencies among tasks.

7.Provides Gantt Chart and report generating feature.

8.Incorporates project related notes, risks, constraints etc

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