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Supplement guilt a modern phenomena

I did an interview for one of the glossy magazines last week and the interviewer asked which supplements I took every day. When I told her what it is that I take her response was ‘Is that all?’. It seems that she has been tasked with interviewing the ‘great and the good of the nutrition world’ ( her words, not mine ) about what they eat every day and what supplements they take.

phenomenaIt seems that she interviewed five people, and we all ate pretty much the same food. Three of the others drank red wine with dinner and started the day with a cup of coffee( not me by the way, I don’t have caffeine or alcohol, well at least not at the moment, but a Pinot Noir and latte cycle may occur at any time ).

The main difference between us all was that the other nutrition professionals take a significant number of supplements every day. I did ask the journalist is she would confide in me as their identity, she wouldn’t but I think we can guess who they might be.
The most extreme ( at least to my mind ) was the individual who took 60 capsules/tablets a day ranging from antioxidants to zinc and stopping at all points in between. I take just an essential fat and a probiotic daily.

I may take more if the need was there, perhaps some zinc or olive leaf extract if I felt a sniffle, or some magnesium and B vitamins if I was especially stressed.All of this made me wonder if I should be taking more, and I realised that I was experiencing ‘supplement guilt’. This is a modern phenomena, a condition in which perfectly healthy and sane human beings worry that they might experience ill health if they don’t take a supplement of X or Y.phenomena2

But where does one stop? Is the expert taking 60 capsules a day doing enough, or is there something that he or she could take that might, just might, reduce the risk of getting some condition by a few percent?I am quite happy with my decent diet, regular exercise and small supplement plan. When I am on my death bed, will I look back over my years and wish I had taken X or Y, and if I had, would my situation be different?

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