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Top 5 Tips to Implement Data Loss Prevention at Your Company

DataData Loss Prevention (DLP) is closely associated with the combination of people, process and technology and it focuses on preventing confidential information or other sensitive data from leaving an organization. Data Loss is not only the major security issue since the year 2007, it is also a big business issue.

For instance, Health care organizations need to protect patient data; manufacturing and technology companies must protect trade secrets to maintain competitive advantage; and government agencies must safeguard citizen data, as well as matters of national security and defense intelligence. I did some research to find out the best practices for Data Loss Prevention in a company as follows:

Take your Time to define the DLP need of your company: The critical first step to solve the data loss problem is to understand and do the inventory of the types of sensitive data that exist within the organization. What policies are needed to control and enforce how that data can be shared.

Prioritize DLP solution: Data loss prevention is a complicated problem that requires combination of solutions to address all areas for a particular organization.This means first you have to identify potential data loss area in your organization in terms of both static and dynamic data and then prioritizing them – based upon past violation, volume of communications, volume of data, the chances of further violation and the number of users with access to those vectors.

Effective coverage of DLP solution: A DLP solution must be able to detect attempted violation of the policy. That includes 1> Enforcement of encryption policy 2> Content analysis for major files and attachment 3> Multi protocol monitoring etc.

Role and Responsibility to implement DLP solution: Data Loss Prevention is a companys valuable asset. Thats why DLP implementations require different kind of roles and responsibilities which includes business unit managers, compliance, HR and legal, not just IT security.

Combine DLP solutions with different flavors: DLP solution in the market is still in the early stage. No single solution is going to address the complete DLP. The best answer is to buy DLP solution from reputed vendors. The hallmark of good DLP solution is the ability to extend and enhance their effectiveness through integration with other third party tools. You shouldnt go for the solution that does not allow the flexibility of integration.

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