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Top 5 Ways to Reduce Data Center Cost

DataThe recent IT boom for the last few years has left many IT organizations with underutilized storage capacities. Now, under tight IT budget, many organizations are forced to do more with less. In order to economize the storage cost, the first step is to create dynamic and cost-efficient storage environment that optimizes your existing storage assets and investments. Here are the five ways of saving.

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is a process for maintaining information storage with minimum cost, while maintaining appropriate levels of availability at the same time. The first phase in the Information Lifecycle Management process is to determine what information is being stored and how it is being accessed. Many vendors like EMC provide software to implement ILM.

1.The next important one is Storage Virtualization. Virtualization is a process to extract logical data from physical data. The virtualization system presents to the user a logical space for data storage and it handles the process of mapping it to the actual physical location by itself.

2.The other big step is data center cooling. Modern data centers try to use economizer cooling, where they use outside air to keep the data center cool. They do not use chillers/air conditioners, and that makes potential energy savings and cost at the same time. Some vendors incorporate temperature sensors into storage arrays and other hardware to sense cooling where it’s needed the most.

3.Data center consolidation is one of the most basic ways to lower the cost of IT operations. Large data centers are more cost-effective because it lowers the operating cost for staff, building and complexity. Therefore, for many organizations, combining multiple data centers into a single center can cut down the costs significantly. At the same time, it improves service levels.

4.Data de-duplication is the process of removing duplicate data. In the de-duplication process, duplicate data is deleted and it leaves only one copy of the data to be stored. De-duplication is able to reduce the required storage capacity because only the unique data is stored. As per the study, Data de-duplication lets users lower the amount of disk they need for backup by 90 percent or more. Companies like Data Domain Inc., ExaGrid Systems Inc. provide this type of product. Implementing this process can save you space significantly and thus it reduces the cost at the same time.

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