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Top Five Ways You Can Get Fired For Wrongful Use Of Computer

WrongfulThe parameters for the use of computer at workplace are sometimes confusing. Although, we use internet at work for many of our personal purposes like sending email, paying bills, checking stock ticker, but, we should exactly know where to draw the limit. Since, cases are rising drastically where employee gets fired for wrongful use of computer at work. I am highlighting a few important points for which employee may loose his job.

Look at pic: A recent study by the American Management Association and the ePolicy Institute reveals that eighty-four percent of those employers said the reason to fire the employee was the viewing, downloading, or uploading of inappropriate or offensive content. As per the ePolicy report, the court also takes the side of the employer because the computer system belongs to the company.

Writing Lousy eMail: According to the American Management Association/ePolicy Institute survey, 62 percent of the employers said it was for inappropriate or offensive language that they fired their employees in the past. Most of the companies monitor emails automatically. Some of them do this implicitly through live human operator. So, please, check your content before writing email.

Play game at Office Computer: Please, watch out if you play solitaire or check your 401k plan at office computer because you are using it for your personal use. If your boss catches hold of this kind of activity, you may end up getting fired.

Blogging: A well executed personal blog may be good marketing tool for you. But, there are cases if you write about your co-workers or your company without any prior permission from your boss, chances are high that you may get fired. So it is good to practice safe blogging.

Browsing Social Networking Site: Social Networking Sites are on the rise now a days. More and more people get into those sites to stay connected with the rest of the world. However, companies are more concerned about the fact that any careless employee may disclose the proprietary information at those site. Additionally, your boss may not like the fact that the photo of office party is flying around at those sites.

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