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Why Identity Management is so Important for Information Security?

SecurityIdentity and access management is the foundation of your company to manage risk, compliance and enterprise governance (GRC) on an integrated platform. Identity Management focuses on Digital identities and their access to your system information. It can be workforce, (online) customers, partners or suppliers. They are the core focus of identity and access management.

Traditional information security initiatives secures inside a company from any outside intrusion by implementing firewalls and other network security devices. But what about the bad element inside a company. Identity Management addresses those type of issues. Companies like IBM (Tivoli) and SUN provide IDM software. The benefits of using IDM are as follows:

1.The self service of password and access change helps reduce help desk cost.

2.Eliminates security threat from active accounts that have no valid owner or unapproved configurations.

3.Reduced security risk and auditing costs by keeping record of the system for access changes and approvals.

4.Improves security and reduces cost with the creation and dropping of user access rights to internal resources as

5.well as external resources outside the company.

6.Divides workload among administrators who have knowledge about user access need and thus improves security.

7.Account clean-up or deletion validation across all platforms & applications based on single action.

8.Improves security through the visibility of user access privileges.

9.Audit and report features

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