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Researched and effective psychological treatment for all mental health problems.


Changes in behaviour can bring about changes in the way we feel. Therefore, the focus is on increasing involvement in positive social activities, such as sports, book clubs, walking groups, date nights etc.


What we think determines what we feel, so challenging our beliefs can change our outlook, which in turn can reduce depression and improve self-esteem.


The way we express our emotions to others affects how they respond to us.


This treatment focuses on patterns of behaviour from a person's upbringing, or perhaps from past life experiences, that are now affecting their lives.

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Whatever psychological issues you face, our team of clinical psychologists in Perth can help you address and overcome these issues with effective clinical psychological treatments. We can help you on your way to becoming more confident, easier to socialize, and happier to speak out in meetings. Our clinical psychologists can work with you to address and resolve flashbacks and hypervigilance following a car accident or work trauma.

With our help, even longstanding childhood issues can be identified and addressed, and you can learn coping mechanisms to help you get your life back on track.

Advisory services.

Anxiety Counselling and Treatments

Anxiety Therapy and Panic Attacks

Anxiety can be debilitating. Anxiety counselling can help you better manage the condition

Depression Counselling

How do we treat depression?

Losing control of your life can lead to trouble sleeping, loss of interest in activities you normally enjoy, negative thoughts, loss of self-esteem, and thoughts of suicide.

Anger management

What does an anger management treatment involve?

Anger is a healthy human emotion when properly managed and can be used to create good results.

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